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Friday, June 17, 2011

First Solo Kitchen Flight: Making Brownies

We were drying out from a trip to the neighborhood pool when the munchkin said, "Let's make brownies!"

"Why don't you make them?"

"Can I?"

"I don't know. CAN you?"

Pour in the water.

Measure the oil.

You have to hold your mouth just right to crack the eggs.

Ooops! Fish out the shell.

Shh...don't tell. The eggs never did get totally mixed in...

Pour it in the pan.


Lick the spoon!

I'd show you the finished product, but they're all gone!


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

So glad that you stopped by....What a cute tween.....

missykade said...

That was a wonderful post!!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!! Now I want brownies! LOL

My older son taught himself how to play the piano! He's been playing since he was 2! He's really gifted!

I'm following you back from Lucas's Journey w/SPD! Thank you for linking up with us, we love having you! Also, thank you for voting for our little guy!! I can't tell you how grateful we are!

Have a great weekend!
Debbie @ Lucas's Journey w/SPD

Marlee said...

Ha when I make brownies I don't even bake them! I just hang out and eat the batter, haha! Cute pictures I like this post!

Found you at So Followed Saturday, and am glad I did, am a happy new follower :).

NotaSupermom said...

I love brownie batter more than the finished product!

I worry a little about salmonella, but not enough to stop.

Following you back from the Alexa blog hop. It's very nice to meet you, Laura.

Jessy said...

OMG that is the cutest thing ive ever seen~~~~~i personally dont know how to cook unless i have recipe with me, then the finish product is eatable~~~but id luv to make brownies~~~and id bet they are yum~~~~


Anonymous said...

Following back! Thanks for stopping by...see you soon! =)


Grace said...

I think licking the spoon is my favorite step in any recipe. I like your Monday Menu plan you have there. I'm kind of a fly by the seat of your pants type of cook where I fix what I'm hungry for at that moment. Your very organized. Thanks for stopping by and I'm returning your follow from the Alexa Hop

Valerie @ My-2-cents said...

Hello, I am a new follower from the Totally Tuesday Blog hop. I would love it if you would visit my blog and follow me back at Valerie @ My-2-Cents

Thank you
Have a blessed week!
My 2 Cents

Miri @ I'm A Sewing Machine! said...

Great Job! Giving kids independence is the key to raising self-reliant people.

I'm your latest follower from the blog hop! Please stop by I'm A Sewing Machine!

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