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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Does Your Child Take Piano Lessons?

Photo by thart2009
Over at my piano teaching blog, The Piano Studio, I've posted several articles that might be interesting to you if your child takes piano lessons. Hope you'll visit! There are more resources to come for parents of piano students, so I'd love to have you follow me there!

What Do Marshmallows Have To Do With Piano Lessons?

What Do Kids Do When They Practice Piano?

How I Became A Tiger Mom And Why

When Should You Let Your Child Quit Piano?

Caring For Your Piano:  A Guide For Piano Parents


Anonymous said...

What age should you start your kids in piano lessons?
The Epic Adventures of a Modern Mom

Laura Lowe said...

Hi, epicmom! Personally, I prefer to start students in 1st grade. Some teachers do start them earlier. I recently wrote ,a post that relates to this question. Hope you'll check it out!

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