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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

EBIIT Hall of Shame: Skechers Shape-Ups for Girls

That's my girl! For you moms who still have girls in the baby/toddler/preschool ages, here's fair warning. The body image hangups start early. "Momma, I don't like that outfit! It makes me look faaaat!"  (I ask you, do you see an ounce of fat on that 8-year-old body?)  She doesn't hear that kind of self-denigrating talk from me. My daughter hears this stuff from her friends, and they all hear it from the overwhelming truckloads of marketing aimed at women and their insecurities. Yoni Freedhoff, M.D., agrees with me over at Huffington Post.
The sad truth is, my girls are almost certainly facing a lifetime of advertisements that will be geared to make them feel like their looks are inadequate. They'll regularly be made to feel that their bodies are too fat, their lips insufficiently red, their skin too rough, their hair too frizzy, their breasts too small, and their butts too big. Magazines, TV spots, product placements, celebrity spokespeople -- there will be no shortage of unrealistic expectations to eat away at my babies' self-esteem.
The truth is, she's beautiful just as she is. And that's why I'm disgusted with the latest ad campaign from Skechers.

Yep, Skechers has decided to capitalize on the insecurities of tweens by marketing their Shape-Up shoes to  girls as young as 7. They start at size 2 - the size my munchkin wears. Of course, their excuse is that they're promoting fitness. I might buy that if they made Shape-ups for little boys. They don't. The message to girls? You're never too young to hate your body, and we hope you will be gullible enough to think our silly-looking shoes will tone up your fanny.

Skechers Shape-Ups For Girls

So, for shame, Skechers! I hereby confer upon you the first-ever Everything Beautiful In Its Time Hall of Shame Award! This award will be periodically offered to anyone or anything that I deem to be a bad influence on my tween girl. Now, pick your shoes up off the floor and go stand in the corner.


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Brenda said...

Your daughter is beautiful, and I agree, there are so many companies that try and snag young girls business by trying to make them believe that they need their products to be beautiful,its a shame. I am your newest GFC follower from the Wed hop and would love if you dropped by my blog at Have a fantastic week.

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Jill said...

Ha! Love the award! We can't avoid such advertising today, we have to hope we can educate our own kids well enough that they learn to take it all with a pinch of salt!

Just stopped by from the almost Friday blog hop. I’m following you now and hope you’ll stop by my blog sometime too! Have a lovely week.
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OrangeHeroMama said...

OMG! For serious?! i had no idea they were making them for the kids now. SICK.

I'm following you back!

Christy from said...

New follower! Great post!

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LisaWeidknecht said...

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Mrs. H @ My Happily Ever After said...

that's ridiculous...those things are hard to walk in too and the poor little girls might trip in them!

thanks for stopping by my blog!

Belly Charms said...

I am with you on this one!! I am following you back....finally:) Have a great night.

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Karina said...

Hehehe!! This post made me laugh my almost 8yr old son will say the same thing! Mami I look fat!! Dude fat, you are 7yrs old what do you know about looking fat and being fat! Children these days grow up to fast and are so wise for their young age!

Sock universe! Yes I think so to :)

Came by to return the love and follow back :)

xo Karina said...

Following back from the hop! Thank you for stopping by my blog

You have a beautiful daughter! These skechers are such a shame, its terrible that girls so young should even think about such things. I worry about this with my daughter the age of self image concerns seems to get younger and younger.

oomph. said...

following thru finding friends hop.
my blog is mainly a style blog, but i am a mom of two and love connecting with other moms as well :)

i have a tween who also has some issues, and she isn't "fat" as all!

Scather said...

Thank you for following in the hop! I hope you enjoy Scathing Weekly - the spot for scathing book reviews. I'm now following you back :) Cute blog! BTW I agree with you entirely about the sexism of the marketing of these shoes. Not cool!

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