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Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving on the Farm

We spent Thanksgiving with the Lowe family at Aunt and Uncle's farm. Aunt and Uncle have 3 horses...and 3 dogs, and 4 cats, and 3 birds. Can you guess why MB loves to visit? This year, we enjoyed playing with Spencer, the new black lab. He proved that he was just as tolerant as Indy, the Boston terrier that allows MB to wrap him up in blankets like a baby. The cats wisely stayed under the beds except for occasional checks to see if we were still there.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mary Beth's 4th Birthday

I'm a bit out of chronological order here! We had Mary Beth's princess-themed birthday party on Sept. 29. For pictures, click here.

Happy Halloween!

Quick note about these slide shows... If you click on the little icons underneath the pictures, it will take you to the webpage of the photo service, and you'll find my photos, plus other slide shows made by other users, some of which are not (ahem) family oriented. Some of them ARE cute, family and pet sort of pictures. I just thought I'd warn you since I happened to click over and found something objectionable...
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Fall events

The Lowes have been busy with fall events - pumpkins to carve, a parade to ride in, and even a balloon festival! The studio where the munchkin takes dance had two big floats with little dancers, plus lots of older dancers walking in the Springfield Fair Parade. It was a cold day! I'm not sure how the munchkin could walk - I put 2 pairs of tights on her, and she had 2 shirts underneath her leotard. Weather was also an issue for the Pembroke Balloon Festival. We had hoped to take a tethered hot air balloon ride, but the wind was so bad that they couldn't do it. Oh well, better safe than sorry! We got lots of cool pictures anyway.

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Welcome to the Lowe-Down!

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