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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Our Newest Addition

Meet Max, the newest member of the Lowe family! Hubby calls him Maximus Decimus and I call him Mad Max. Everybody calls him cute. In fact, he's so cute that my piano students are having trouble concentrating on their lessons with this little distraction running around. We adopted him from one of the local rescue agencies, and we deliberately picked the boldest one of the litter. He's not afraid of anything. He romps and plays with our two dogs like he's a dog himself. Unlike our former cat, he spends most of his day downstairs with the family, not hiding upstairs under the bed. This has created a few new challenges for us, like remembering not to leave food out on the kitchen counters. Even just-picked jalepenos are fair game. I don't think he'll eat those anymore, though! ;-)

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