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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Summer's Almost Over!

Even though it's hot, hot, hot here, summer is practically over for us. The munchkin starts kindergarten on Monday. We went to open house tonight and met her teacher who seems very nice. Unfortunately, none of the children she has met here in our new town are in her class, so we'll be starting over at making friends. I think this is bothering me more than it is her, but I'm really sad about it.

We've had a good summer, though. Two trips to the beach, Butterfly Camp, Vacation Bible School, Princess Ballet Camp, and swimming lessons kept us busy. The pictures are from the last day of ballet camp when all the girls dressed up as princesses and put on a little show for the parents.

I'll have 3 weeks until my piano teaching term begins. I'm up to 6 after-school students now with a goal of 12, so I'm willing to bet that I fill all of those slots by the end of September. That doesn't include mornings. I have one home-schooler already and hope to have more.

Kevin has begun doing shift work, but fortunately he doesn't have very many night sessions between now and January, and he'll have more days off than usual. He'll actually be off on Monday and will be able to go along when we drop MB off for her first day at school. We've decided to go out for breakfast afterwards. He told me there was no crying allowed. We'll see about that.

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