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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

First Day of PreK

August 13 was the first day of PreK! Mary Beth loves her new class, and she wasn't afraid at all on the first day.

She is getting to be a big girl, but not TOO big, as she informed me today. She had just displayed to me that she could open the car door for herself and close it behind herself, too. She's been buckling her own seatbelt for months now. As we drove off, I said, "Wow, you're getting to be so big! You can open and close the door, buckle your own seatbelt, make up your own bed, and dress yourself! I think you should start cooking supper! Or, maybe you can be the one to drive the car - how about that?"

"No I can't! I'm only 4! I'd have to be 6 or 8..."

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Anonymous said...

HI Laura....I enjoyed reading about you and MaryBeth. Soooo sweet. Sure miss you guys. We are doing well, maybe might buy a condo next week we have been looking at. We came way down on the price, they countered, we are going to counter, and so on. It needs a lot of work. How is your mom and dad. Please tell them hi for me. Hope they are well. Did I tell you Michael is selling for Kraft Company. We are so excited. God is good. Ok, kiss MB for me. Diana

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